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A difficult hike on a narrow, steep trail to the main Cedar Run waterfall. However the trail passes through some awesome scenery as it descends a rock filled gorge.

34ft (10 m) height

Mile 45.6, Hawksbill Gap parking area, 3.6 mile round trip hike.

Or travel to the White Oak parking lot located off Va 600 at Berry Hollow in Madison County, roughly a 2.5 mile round trip hike.

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A lot of people don't realize it, but this middle waterfall is the main waterfall on Cedar Run trail, not the upper waterfall which is known as 'the slide'. On this trail, you will be in true wilderness. When water levels are sufficient, there are many outstanding miniature waterfalls and cascades to be viewed during this hike. Cedar Run has 3 waterfalls: upper, middle and lower. This middle waterfall is located about 200 yards or so below 'the slide'. There is no actual trail to this waterfall, although it does pass fairly close to the head of it. It is not easily seen from the trail when the trees have leaves and/or water levels are low. However, someone has tied a piece of white cloth around a tree to signal its location, but that could be removed at any point in time by anyone.

This waterfall flows downward over a narrow rocky gorge into a pool below. The best view of this waterfall is down at the base where the pool is. Getting down to the pool requires a good amount of effort, there is no trail. This waterfall is the more pleasing of the three falls on Cedar Run trail, but not as well documented in publications as the upper (slide) and lower falls are.

For those of you that are familiar with the late Henry Heatwole, here were his thoughts regarding Cedar Run: "Cedar Run Canyon is a narrow, rocky gorge with a modest waterfall. Compared to Whiteoak Canyon or Dark Hollow, this is not a popular place. The trail is narrow, rough, and steep, and its surface consists mostly of loose rocks. In Cedar Run the rewards are meager compared with the exertion required, unless solitude and exertion are rewards".

You may also opt for the 8-mile loop hike, which connects with White Oak Canyon Falls.