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Moderately difficult hike to the tallest waterfall AT SNP.

93 ft (28 m) height

Mile 21.1, parking lot just south of Hogback Overlook, 6.5 mile round trip hike.

Or travel to the Thompson Hollow parking lot (located off Va 630 at Bentonville in Warren County) and start at the Thompson Hollow Trail, 5.8 mile round trip hike.

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A magnificent, powerful waterfall when water levels are sufficient. The only negative here is when leaves are on the trees, the bottom section of the fall is obstructed from view by several trees. Even if you make this hike at other times of the year when the leaves are absent, the branches from those trees will still be present in your photographs. The only way around this is to hike downwards to the falls pool. I plan on returning soon to do just that. The morning that I went, the weather forecast was calling for overcast skies in the morning but unfortunately the sun appeared shortly after 7:30 am. So I had to hurry to get to the overlook to get the photos that I did (the sun is your enemy when it comes to photographing waterfalls!). If it had been overcast as predicted, then you'd be viewing a photo and video clip taken from the bottom.

It'd be great if the Park would remove or trim those few trees so that everyone could enjoy the full height of this spectacular waterfall from any position along the trail. If you do an image search for Overall Run Falls on any search engine, you will find many variations of photos of this waterfall. And you will also find some photos that were taken before the trees were as tall as they are currently are. In the near future, those trees will be tall enough to obstruct the majority of the view.

If you opt for the Thompson Hollow Trail as your starting point, be sure to park in the designated parking lot and do not drive beyond this park sign (which will place you directly on private property). After traveling on foot for 200 yards or so, you will come to the Shenandoah National Park boundary to begin your hike.

Once you arrive at the falls overlook, you will be greeted by an awesome view of the Massanutten Mountain range to the west.

You may also opt for the 8.5-mile loop hike, which connects with the Beecher Ridge Trail.